Olaf Otto Becker

Olaf Otto Becker works in cohesive series yet he is concurrently interested in every visible frame. Becker often waited for days to shoot at one spot until the lighting was right for his photographs. He worked primarily during midsummer, this very special time in mid June when there are no shadows and the tonalities of the surroundings are rendered in great subtlety. Becker's work reflects the perfect synthesis between scientific and artistic practice. Often considered as contrary positions in our society , they are both seeking the same: the desire to uncover what lies beyond the visible.

His first publication Under the Nordic Light (published by Schaden) was nominated for the renowned Recontres D'Arles Book award. Broken Line (published by Hatje Cantz with an introduction by Gerry Badger) was awarded with the 2008 German Photo Book Prize.

Works from the Artist

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  • Under The Nordic Light
  • Above Zero
  • Broken Line