Nigin Beck

Tehrangeles –  Teheran – Los Angeles; what might appear to be a contradiction or without connection at first is explained by the artists own biographical background. Nigin Beck (*1984, in Munich), daughter to an iranian mother and german father travelled, in 2005 for the first time, along with her family to Iran to see the maternal home country. By 2009, when she went back on her own for the second time, she decided to document her impressions with a Polaroid SX70 Camera. She chose the medium wisley, being aware that every picture she took had to be the result of a matured decision for or against an image. Polaroid ceased production of instant film in 2008, today old film material is hard to come by, and so every shot underwent careful planning in mind and on site. Inevitably the results are reflective, quiet and sensitive recollections of the distant, longed for homeland.

Tehrangeles, the first syllable deriving from the name of the town Teheran, gets completed when set in contrast with works made in Los Angeles in 2010. With Los Angeles being the biggest iranian diaspora, mixing the two series creates an interesting point of view on shared culture and missing links. The work is presented in a series of framed diptychs provoking juxtaposing political views and cultural symbols; but you might even end up finding similarities where none are expected.

Nigin Beck mastered the task to enrich documentary photography with rare sensual and delicate elements. The work is not only unique in its predisposition of being non-reproducable but especially in terms of perception. We are proud to present a beautiful new take on views on two countries too often misjudged by stereotypes.

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