Lawrence Schiller


Born, Brooklyn, New York


Publishes first photographs in The Saturday Evening Post


Photographs Richard Nixon´s unsuccesful presidential campaign for Paris Match magazine


Photographs Marilyn Monroe on the set of Something´s Got to Give for Paris Match Magazine


Photographs the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas for The Saturday Evening Post


Photographs Robert Kennedy for his presidential campaign


Schillers nude portrait of Paula Kelly is published in Playboy as the first image showing pubic hair US


First collaboration with Norman Mailer on the book Marylin, with photographs by twenty-four leading photographers; the book becomes a New York Times best seller; follows with an exhibit that travels around the world


Collaborates with Norman Mailer on the book The Executioner´s Song, for which Mailer, in 1981, wins his second Pulitzer Prize; and the book becomes a New York Times best seller


Directs and produces the Emmy award winning television miniseries The Executioner´s Song; its star, Tommy Lee Jones, wins the Best actor Emmy for the film among other awards


Delegate to the Moscow Peace Forum at which Mikhail Gorbachev announces the beginning of perestroika


Writes the book American Tragedy with James Willwerth; it becomes a New York Times number one best seller, and reveals the inside story of O.J. Simpson's defense


Begins the project of documenting China´s contemporary history as told by its leading artists


Publishes the first collection of photos from the 60s archives and Marilyn 12 with East End Editions KLS, LLC, Los Angeles
6.12. – 28.12.2007 Marilyn Monroe and America in the 1960s, Schoeni Art Gallery II, 27 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

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