Andrew Moore

The large format images of Andrew Moore of Andrew Moore are documents and concurrently „portraits" of Russia's present and New York's old theatres of 42nd Street. Moore's images portrays the nuances of the inner life of architectural structures. Thereby, they capture the intersection of past, presence and an often longed for utopia – and so point out Moore's steady interest in contemporary history.

Andrew Moore's photographs tell the story of elapsed pomp and wealth. The past becomes the here and now. Through this the present can be observed more clearly. Moore does not conserve and criticise but highlights the chance that change and/or progression has to offer. The photographs emanate a unique atmosphere and uncover the marks left behind by man and timemarks left behind. The silent places are revived, their stories able to be sensed by the viewer.

Works from the Artist

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  • Cuba
  • Russia
  • Time Square
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