Paul Himmel

Falling Snow - Boy in the Window, 1952 Portrait of a Woman, Botticelli Girl, Fire Island, 1950s, Family of Man Grand Central 2, 1947 Grand Central 3, 1947 Brooklyn Bridge View, 1943 Bowery, ca. 1950 3rd Avenue EL, ca. 1950 3rd Avenue Under the El, o.J., Abandoned Tenement, o.J., Yugoslavia, 1950 Portrait Lillian, o.J. Ballet Serenade, 1951/52 Swan Lake D, 1951/52 Ballet Swan Lake, 1951/52 New York City Ballet, Interplay double, 1951/52 The Cage E, ca. 1950 Illuminations A, 1953 The Cage A, ca. 1950 Orpheus B, ca. 1950 Male Nude, 1954 Female Nude 3, 1954 Female Nude, 1954 Nude on White Background 7, 1954 Figures Facing Lake, Venice, 1947 Silhouettes Walking Towards Tower, 1947 Rollercoaster and Parachute Sleeping Pregnant Woman Juggler (Green), 1960er Trapez (Rot) 1960er Yuriko (Rot), 1960er Car, 1960er