Richard Rothman

Inspired by autonomy and power of the forest are the works of american photographer Richard Rothman as well. In 2004 Rothman traveled to northern Californias Redwoods for the first time. Driven by the longing to oppose his own sociocritical, urban portraits with edifying nature, he camped alone in midst of the gigantic Redwood Forest – a three week experience that, in his own words, taught him dignity anew. During his stay he visited the nearby located Crescent City, a city known for its timber and fishing industry, that, with the beginning of a service based society, entered a downward spiral. Shocked by the bleakness of the citys day to day life in harsh contrast to the exuberant beauty of the surrounding nature, he decided to expand his project with portraiture of the city and its inhabitants. This led to an impressive body of work describing the coexisting vulnerability of people and the elemental forces of nature.

Works from the Artist